Pad and Saddleblanket Care

To keep your blanket in good condition brush off any loose dirt, hair and salt from the sweat after the blanket has dried.

  • If you feel it needs more then soak in lukewarm water for 10-15 minutes then gently hose down to rinse out the dirt.
  • Should your blanket have a grease build-up then a mild wool wash detergent can be added to the lukewarm water to help lift out stubborn grease and dirt, then gently hose down to rinse out the detergent.
  • During soaking you may move the blanket about gently from time to time but avoid twisting and any vigorous agitation as this will cause shrinkage.
  • To remove excess water after rinsing you may use the spin cycle of your washing machine. Fold your blanket so that it fits around the barrel of your washing machine and use the wool wash spin programme or a shortened normal spin.
  • Remove the blanket gently from the machine and lay it out flat patting and pulling it gently into shape and leave to dry.

This should be all that is needed to keep your blanket in good condition.

Leather on the blanket can be kept in good condition with the use of a leather conditioner.


Treated with care, your blanket will last you many years!