FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

The following are topics where we get the most frequent questions.
If you still have a query, contact us!

Blanket Dimensions
All blanket dimensions on the website are shown as ‘Width’ (or distance along the spine of the horse) first, followed by ‘Length’ (or distance from stirrup to stirrup). Standard dimensions are shown at the bottom of each blanket page. These have proved to suit most customers, but all can be changed with a previously-approved custom option. In most cases, this will have little effect on the price. Technically we can produce blankets to a maximum width of 90cm, and a maximum length of 110cm. Larger sizes only by special arrangement.
Shapes and Styles
The Dressage, General Purpose, and Western blankets are available in a number of standard shape options. By selecting the shape you require, the picture will change to that of the selected option.
Wearleathers are not included in the base price. Some blankets have optional sizes of wearleathers available. Not all of the sizes are illustrated in the pictures at the moment. Please contact us if you are unsure.
Tie backs
The Leather Tieback is illustrated on the Western saddleblanket. The Velcro ties are shown in the other saddleblanket pictures. The Velcro ties have a leather facing strip, which matches the leather facing strip on the Girth Guides.
Felt Colours - Standard
All blankets are available in White, Beige, Grey, Grey/Brown and Dark Brown. We try to keep these as consistent as possible. Reproduction of colours is as accurate as photographic processes allows until we get a new set of photos. Try our Facebook page for more recent photos. Note that product colours may vary from what is displayed on your computer monitor and may vary from monitor to monitor and device to device.

We also offer a custom dyed colour range as of 2109!

Felt Colours - Dyed
In addition to standard colours, we now offer a $50 dyed option. These use grey wool that has been overdyed prior to felting. This produces a mottled, textured appearance. Examples can be seen on our Facebook page.

Colours currently available are Blue, Purple, and Red, but enquiries are welcome for other colours: please specify the colour required in the ‘Notes’ box on the checkout page, or email us at contact@saddleblankets.co.nz.

Felt Thickness
Standard thickness is 2.5cm (one inch). The thinner option is 2cm. These thicknesses are nominal and may vary slightly. Thinner blankets are available as a customised request, at no additional cost. Thicker blankets are not an option, with our existing machinery, but strategically placed additional padding pads may suit such requirements.
Leather Colour
Current options are dark brown, tan or black. All leather trim items on a blanket will be matched for colour.
Padding Pads and Shims
These are for use where extra support is required for the saddle in a given area. They all velcro securely under our wool saddleblankets or on top if you prefer. We bevel the edges of these but they can be bevelled more or re-shaped with a large pair of shears. Large Western Shims measure 56cm at longest edge x 21.5cm at the widest part. Small Standard Shims are 47 x 21cm. Filler Pads/Shims are 30.5 x 17.5cm. We can also make other shaped pads to suit a special requirement.
All pockets are in leather, matching the other leather trim on the blanket. The appearance can be seen on the illustration of the Stock saddleblanket. Standard pockets are 14.5cm wide x 22cm height x 5cm deep, ($50) Large pockets are 18cm wide x 25cm height x 7cm deep, ($60)
Ventilation holes
Optional ventilation holes along the spine are of 2 cm diameter, and number 4 or 5 depending on the blanket width.
Cut back Wither
Standard shapes are pictured on this site. A cut back wither option means takes the wither back a further 10cm. Normally only done if your horse has a very high or pronounced wither.