About Us

Hi, I am Lyn Watson.

My partner Steve and I have had a lifestyle block close to Palmerston North for 20 years where we run a flock of coloured sheep, along with some chooks, a dog, ducks and mute swans. We enjoy living in a wetland we have developed with a surrounding regenerated bush area right at our doorstep.

Steve and I are making pure wool saddleblankets for you under the name Waione Wool Saddleblankets. This small home-based business was established about 25 years ago by Ineke and John as Waione Woollies Limited. As subsequent owners, we have maintained the Waione brand reputation for quality.

We have recently expanded Waione Wool with a commercial wool carding and processing arm called Waione Wool Carding – you can find it at woolcarding.co.nz.

I have always had a passion for playing about with wool and just love all the uses to which it can be put. Felt, being one of them, is a particular interest of mine. I also spin, weave and knit.

Lyn Watson and Steve Clarkson – Feb 2018