Top quality, hand-crafted wool felt saddleblankets. Each piece of felt is made by us from the finest quality 100% pure New Zealand wool in the same traditional way as has been done for centuries.

Did you know?

Waione Wool Carding is our companion business
that does carding, blending and dyeing of fleece.
Visit it at!

Custom Options

If you’d like something special or have specific needs, we’re happy to tweak our fantastic range of saddleblankets, or create a completely new custom product for you.

What Our Customers are Saying

“Your pad arrived Thursday in perfect condition. It is beautiful! I love the color and your workmanship is excellent. The wool is softer than my other wool felt pads and I’m sure the horses will enjoy the feel of that. I tried it today with my saddle and it fits great.

Thank you for your excellent service and I will be sure to share your name with my other Peruvian show friends.”

Christy Bryant

“Hi Waione Woollies. Just wanted to pass on something to you. Recently a small group of horsemen and women followed a dream of one of them and rode across NZ from Awakino to Napier.

In the debriefing it was noted that all the horses who had Waione Woolies felt blankets came through without any saddle sores.

They must be the best!”


“I have a mare who would get terrible heat lumps where her saddle sat on her back. After trying numerous washes and different pads, I finally tried a second-hand Waione Woolliea blanket on her.

I’m so impressed I will definitely be investing in a dressage-shaped new one, as her lumps disappeared almost completely! Many thanks from a now happy horse.”

Rachel Ashton

“I have just come back from riding The Great NZ Trek, and used my saddle blanket for the whole week. I would normally use two different blankets throughout the week to allow the one not being used to dry. With your blanket I didn’t have to do that, I just aired it out at the end of the day, and it was ready to use the next (and every) day.

I will fully recommend your product to everybody I know. And I’ll only use my Waione saddle blanket from now on!

So once again thanks for the wonderful, speedy service and an awesome blanket from a very satisfied customer.”


“To potential buyers: these are awesome saddle blankets quality all the way! You won’t regret the investment – I have two of them. They wash up like new every time.”


“I love your saddle blankets and got my first one when you first started making them. It’s the plain one and I still have it and use it all the time; it has lasted all these years and still looks fantastic!”


I love my Waione Wool felt saddle blankets – I now have two. They are so hard wearing and require surprising little care. Great for my endurance as it draws the sweat away, also good enough to use in showhunter. The half panels are great.

I wanted to try a treeless saddle but it was very hard to find one that fitted my high-withered horse. With the help of the two panel pieces, velcroed to my existing saddleblanket, it was enough to lift it off the spine. I rarely use anything else.


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